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an alternative design was more popular with children. Jason: But will it sell T-shirts? Strangely enough, certain characters who played big parts in the series did not get their own figures, while characters who didn't even appear at all (such as The Falcon, Daredevil, and the Hobgoblin) did. Cue dolls, houses, makeup. Are created solely to sell toy models from Tamiya. The producers of Batman Beyond later confessed that they were ordered by their bosses to produce this series as simply a means to selling more Batman toys. The unforgettable The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man.

For derivative works that are (usually) not metatextual focus of the original work, see Tie-In Novel, Licensed Game, and Advertisement Game. Strangely, the animated series entry on Wikipedia is many times bigger than the toyline entry, while in other countries (such as France) the animated series is totally unknown (while the toyline is merely "obscure.

Parodied in Peanuts, with a short-lived character named Tapioca Pudding. The '60s and, the '70s, the only reliable source for the various. Redakai was made in an attempt to support a card game of the same name, with the characters "Unlocking new X-drives" (basically opening a booster pack of cards and listing them off ) at the end of each episode. My Little Pony, to the point where, because there were costumes and accessories as well as the ponies in the toy line, there were entire episodes in some installments where the pPonies are dressed as cheerleaders and in bathing suits, apropos of nothing. They would invariably be available as AMT model kits. Thrill Seekers Tag Team, arriving in the country via Smokey Mountain Wrestling, were baffled by the concept and felt there was a passive aggressive attempt to push them out of the company given they weren't good enough at shilling wares to justify how much they. By the time of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, the price of the HG kits are barely the half of the other kits thanks to the inner frame features, all mobile suits in these lines can interchange parts with each other as well as attaching.

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The Rule of Cool applies here, and the Rule of Fun even more so, but they're double-edged swords: a sub-standard figure tends to garner far more backlash than a sub-par episode. Can be halfheartedly avoided with the use of a Segregated Commercial. Was made to promote an arcade card/rhythm game of the same name. Pretty much every Black Lantern has received a figure, at the very least. The Home Video VHS tapes even had commercials during the show. Beast Saga, due to being the Spiritual Successor to Battle Beasts/Beastformers. The brand never did as well as Takara had hoped it would and they eventually stopped caring, which led to both the above example and pretty much everything that ever happened in GaoGaiGar. They'll bend the universe of the characters in order to make this work how does Addy, an escaped slave who is starting life over in the city, manage to get nice new dresses regularly? In many cases, the collectible isn't just tied to the roleplay gear but is built into the mecha as well (in ToQger and Lupinranger VS Patranger, the collectible vehicles are the mecha). The entire point of Jingle All the Way and its sequel is to tug your heartstrings hard enough so you'll end up buying more Jingle and Bell stuff from Hallmark.

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