Mini Magnetic Spice Jars

Mini spice jars are a great way to spruce up any kitchen, but they don’t always go well with a plain old kitchen. Sometimes the little sprigs of herbs you see in the spice racks look a bit bland, but when you fill your pots with them it can be almost like adding a splash of color to a boring kitchen! The great thing about these cars is that they are so versatile that they can fit just about anywhere.

For example, if you have a few small jars that you’re constantly emptying or recycling, then they can easily be replaced with some cute ones. You can buy little spice jars at any craft store and fill them with your favorite spices. Some people even fill them with herbs and spices they already own. Just fill them with some jars and you’re done! They’ll have some cute little sprigs to add to your spice rack for a few weeks, until you run out of the nice jars. This way you won’t have to empty these magnetc jars, but you can use them over again until you find one that goes with your kitchen design.

If you have more jars that you don’t need right now or can’t use right away, then you can purchase some nice little jars to place on display. You can buy pretty plastic sprig jars at any store that sells containers, or you can even buy glass jars. Either way, you can make your kitchen look beautiful and add a touch of class to any kitchen with the little mini magnetic spice jars.

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