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has to be settled. I am a bigger woman myself and would think she could have carried herself better and represent the company with Grace and dignity. I didn't realize how bad it was until I got home. I paid the 1,000.00 and thought everything was good.

Had taken pictures of the wax job as well (with the time stamped on the pictures) and emailed it to Michelle as she requested. Well, I just went Friday and the end of the year is the 31st. Now I have no vision just a bad taste in my mouth. The teacher repeatedly tried to move my part to hide the mistake.

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I complained and was told that they had to use more hair color this time. She was a heavy set * lady who had no people skills. They basically made life so impossibly difficult for me, I couldn't finish my education. These kits, btw, cost 3,000! My horrible experience with Paul Mitchell has been a blight on my hair career. I know it sounds silly, but there are very few things that you do for yourself once you are a parent, and I was really looking forward to a new cut and color.