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to purchase a lot of items and boosters in the in-game store, code reduction wheels & time but you do not necessarily need them. If you have any extra tips and cheats youd like to contribute to fellow. Wait until you get to those missions before you start purchasing the upgrades required to beat them. You can then use your diamonds to purchase gold coins, if you need them. The graphics in Zombie Tsunami are unlike something I have ever seen before. There are a lot of websites that provide video walkthroughs for Zombie Tsunami, in which you will learn how to properly play the game. I say this because the graphics are not realistic, nor unrealistic.

Zombie Tsunami is free to download and play on both Android and iOS devices, and does not require an internet connection to play. For starters, it is very important that you save up every single gold coin that you collect, especially at the beginning of your gameplay. There is no real story behind the game, but it is easy to make one up as you. Stock Up on Scratch Cards knows getting brains means filling the gird and getting those wonderful prize cards: Each brain you collect during play is added to the grid at the end of a game.

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Sell Those Scratch Off Lottery Tickets to Gain Some Coins. Work Up To Getting 4 Zombies at the coment imprimer le bon de retour groupon Start of Each Level. The goal in Zombie Tsunami is to grab humans and infect them, and form a bigger group of zombies. What I really like about Zombie Tsunami is that there are no playtime limitations in the game. You will not have to deal with those annoying energy bars, lives or timers, which really slow down the pace in my opinion. Its possible to get more coins and add plenty of more zombies to your undead gang. All things considered, I give Zombie Tsunami an 8/10. Do the same thing with the dragon to complete the 20-second flying mission, when you unlock. Tanks take 12 zombies to flip and earn you 3 brains each and 3 zombie runners each. Obviously there is a zombie apocalypse going on, and you and your zombie friends need to unite and take down every human survivor.