Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Neodymium  magnetic balls, typically small sphere shaped balls, have traditionally been manufactured as a stress relief product, educational toys, and even an art medium. Today these magnetic balls are manufactured using advanced magnetic technologies and are used for much more than simple stress relief. While still popular as a stress relief product, Neodymium  magnetic balls are also used to create art pieces as well. These unique magnetic balls can be crafted into virtually any shape or form to fit the tastes and preferences of the owner. These magnetic balls have become very valuable collectibles over the past several years.

Neodymium Magnetic Balls

In the production of these unique playthings, the Neodymium Company uses a process called rough kneading to produce the tiny  magnetic balls. Rough kneading is a simple process where a machine hammers tiny magnetic balls of neodymium through the liquid aluminum used to manufacture the magnets. To finish the product, the aluminum is then polished and the smooth surface is removed to reveal the tiny magnetic spheres. These magnetic balls have been referred to as “neocasters” or “neodymium globes.” While many people consider these balls a toy in and of themselves, the true scope of their potential is much greater.

Rough kneading creates a surface that is highly resistant to scratching and other forms of damage. Neodymium  magnetic balls that are crafted in this way are ideal tabletop or desk toys for children of all ages. They will provide hours of fun and entertainment as the kids rough them out and place them in their rightful places on their desk, tables, or collections. The Neodymium company has not released specific details about how the Rough Kneading process is accomplished, but they will most likely be using a similar manufacturing process as the majority of the world’s most successful Neodymium globes. The Neodymium Company has created a world-class toy for the young at heart with the introduction of these uniquely crafted magnetic balls.

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